Self-esteem and Effective Collaboration

Recently, I have been challenged in the area of relationship.

Relationship, I believe, is the single, most important aspect of our lives. We relate to Father God, Creator of the Universe; we relate to ourselves, learning to accept ourselves in entirety and to surrender to God so He can refine us; we relate to others because, surrounded by people, we must learn to get along. Relationship motivates us, excites us, gives our lives meaning and purpose.

But what do I do when I’m called to work with someone that I don’t naturally connect to? Or worse, that is so like me that I feel like I’m looking into a grubby mirror and all the worst aspects of me are being reflected back?

That is when the hard-earned self-esteem I’ve pursued and developed – after years of feeling inferior – reveals its value and I display that with God all things are possible, even learning to laugh at difficult circumstances and to surrender the outcome to Him. That is when I practice the grace I’ve received from God the Father and from His other children toward the person I find challenging. That is when I dig down and pray for the relationship and for the very best in our process together.

When I am confident in my identity, ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’ (Phil 4:13), and I can enable others to do the same by demonstrating patience, love, peace… and all the fruits of the Spirit.

Developing self-esteem is a paradox. When you discover God’s unconditional love, you recognize how perfectly He made you (see Psalm 139:16, 13). When you realize how far removed you are from His perfect creation, you aspire to be all He’s created you to be, so that the ache and shame of imperfection is washed away by the grace and love you experience from Him.

I recognize that God has created me perfectly, even though life experiences have molded me imperfectly. I can find both confidence and humility in this awareness.

We are on a learning curve, together, and the LORD is calling His children to work together. Together is how we grow and how God reflects His love and His will. In order to work together most effectively, our flesh needs to bow to our spirit, so that our spirit can yield to His Holy Spirit. We can be His hands and feet most effectively when we love one another as we love ourselves.

Let’s face the challenges the sovereign LORD puts in front of us, aware that we are just as much a challenge to others as they are to us. Let’s fight the good fight, let’s finish the race (2 Tim 4:7). Let’s enjoy one another, working together to do His will, walking His way, through the grace and power of His word.

God bless.



Inner Healing:

Each of us is broken. There is only one who has the power to restore us to our full potential, free from shame, emotional pain and sadness. Jesus died and rose again, to conquer sin AND a whole lot more….

Salvation from Brokenness:

We are made in God’s image. Like Adam, we are sons of God and as such, we have available the tools, power, grace of unconditional love and peace to be fully restored.

I don’t know why some of us suffer from depression but many Believers do. There is perhaps some disillusionment in the imperfect way we convey the Gospel walk to one another, and so we don’t fully receive all authority and power for healing because of our collective, imperfect understanding. Or there are chemical imbalances that, while the Holy Spirit can heal, our lack of understanding or lack of perfect faith or lack of community hinders our complete restoration (sometimes too, sound medical care and medication is the path God chooses to help us; while I do personally believe that all illness can be healed by God’s supernatural power, we as a body of believers don’t always have the tools to bring each person to healing…there are so many unknowns and we all do our best to learn and to grow). I categorically believe the onus is NOT on the sufferer to ‘pull himself up by his bootstraps’ but rather as a community we are meant to work and love and pray together for the restoration of one another.*

The point is, there is no shame in suffering. Paul said it was his suffering that gave him the authority to preach, rather than his education or citizenship. Jesus suffered and died and there was certainly no shame in that. And so we must not feel shame for our incomplete healing, but at the same time, we can know that complete healing is possible, is available, through Jesus. ‘The joy of the LORD is our strength’; and so we must strive, battle spiritually and continue in the hope that we will be fully restored to the creation God made us to be – emotionally, physically, spiritually.

As for me, it is my personal hope and aspiration to be a part of the Christian community’s full recognition and realization that inner healing is not only possible but readily available.

How is it accessible? It begins with trust in God and a surrendering of control to Him. Without that, He cannot work in us. But as we release fear and control, He can begin to do a mighty work in us. Sometimes He brings ministers in human form. Sometimes He works through a quiet time alone with Him, in prayer or through studying His WORD. But He does minister. And gradually – or even suddenly – He can transform us into the persons He created us to be.

Why do we suffer? Why must we endure? Pain is something that, when endured and overcome, makes us stronger in character and faith. I haven’t all the answers, I just simply know how He transformed me – beginning when I decided to allow Him into the hollow, lonely, private places within me. When I let His light in, the darkness did flee. Pain draws us closer to Creator God, when we allow it to.

I’ve not suffered depression, but I have suffered oppression, shame, fear. And I’ve been delivered. As He can transform me, He can transform all.

God bless.


* revised paragraph to enhance clarity

SELF PUBLISHING Blessings and Challenges

Self Publishing is no easy feat. I’ve got friends and books and blogs and so much information (see my twitter account for links) there’s no shortage of material that teaches the process of self publishing, marketing and growing a business through writing. But the REALLY hard part is managing the ‘to-do’ list efficiently, choosing which things need to be done and which need to be dropped.

So, when I was approached by Lynn Kennedy of and was invited to appear on their flagship programme on Tuesday 25th June at 8pm Pacific/11pm EST I was delilghted, thankful for the blessing, and excited.

Next Tuesday I’ll be speaking about self-esteem – how I grew: what I had to overcome, and how we all can be confident in the life-changing love we have received through Jesus Christ. I journeyed from shame to joy, through the knowledge of the freedom Jesus died to give us. That freedom is from sin and much more. We are free from condemnation, shame, fear of man….

So I hope you’ll join in on Alive In Christ radio or tune in afterward if the live broadcast time is inconvenient.

God bless and continue to know that it is the Joy of the LORD that is your strength.

Hope Springs Eternal


Snow in May

As recently as a few weeks ago, I traveled from Northern Ontario to the South East of the province and along the road there was ample snow. That seemed a bit discouraging as it was mid-May. But as the van traveled south, it wasn’t long before the snow line gave way to proper spring surroundings.


Spring Thaw in N Ontario

Isn’t that the way with our Faith? We expect something good and it is delayed; we accept deep freeze and are suddenly and unexpectedly blessed.

We who walk by faith and not by sight will be learning that God’s sense of humour and sense of timing are rarely compatible with ours. But He is faithful and will never leave us nor forsake us. As we walk, we can expect the unexpected – be it trial or grace moment – and always something good will come out of any circumstance.

For “all things work together for our good” and for those who trust in the LORD with all their hearts, He will make their paths straight. He will never leave us nor forsake us; we can count on that.


New Blog Site: tells us that Jesus is the LIGHTHOUSE.

In keeping with the Lighthouse theme, I found this other site and like the prayer on the first page.

I wonder how others feel about that? Do you like or object to images of Jesus? How do prayers like this one below give you encouragement?

Father,We call upon you and ask that you
Bless everyone who enters our website.
We pray for health, healing, physically,
mentally, and spiritually.
We pray you fill our hearts with love,
peace and joy.
We pray for world peace and
that You’ll rejuvenate our faith.
We pray that You hear
and answer these prayers,
in Jesus Name,

Accepting Our Calling

“Many are called, few are chosen”

There are a few things of which I am certain:

1 Jesus is Christ who died and was resurrected.

2 I am saved by the grace of God.

3 The Holy Spirit resides in me to lead me on to serve the LORD God.

Then there are the personal things:

4 I am a child of God called to give birth and to parent one child.

5 I am a Watchman

6 I have been called to write.

Today I come to the blog to comment on the LORD’s call to me to write.

In 2000 I returned from an experience in Hong Kong, where I now have friends and a place in my heart. The events and blessings I received there will be shared some other time. But during that 3 month residence, the LORD spoke into my spirit and said to me clearly to write. I have been doing so ever since.

This blog is aimed at women like me, who love the LORD and are in their middle years. As with all blogs it is available to all. But I would love others to join me who fit into that ‘mould’ and who would like to share their reflections and discoveries during their walk with the LORD.

Today I invite us all to pray, to seek His face, to discern our calling from Him. There will be seasons of harvest and barren seasons, but when we are diligent to follow His call, our lives will be a blessing and will be blessed with His peace and joy.

I have a book now published, several others started and some will come into the public forum. I’ve blogs, contributions to others’ blogs, all sorts of social network offerings. The LORD did not say to earn a living from writing. He did not say minister to others. He said, “write”; and so I write.

What has the LORD said to you? Have you heard? Have you obeyed? “Trust in your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”

Every blessing to you, creations of the KING.

FREE TO BE : Why This Book is Needed?

This book is for building relationship with the Holy Spirit.

This book is for building self-esteem in the reader.

Those who are intimate with the Holy Spirit know the value of the relationship and the intimacy. Those who want to draw closer will find value in this book.

Those who struggle with low self-esteem will discover blessing in this book. Those with friends who wrestle with low self-esteem will bless their friends through this book.

So, if you want to draw closer to the Holy Spirit to find inner healing, this book is for you.

And, if you don’t recognize how your self esteem was impacted when you found Jesus (or you haven’t tapped the benefit of self esteem in finding Jesus) then this book is for you.

Low self esteem hinders effectiveness in ministry, and high self esteem enables deeper surrender into Christ.

This book is for those who want to go deeper with God, to be built up in themselves, to work in partnership and privacy… As I overcame, so can you.

Blessings from Sarah Tun

Free To Be

Cover of FREE TO BE