Maturity: A Final Post

Jesus crossToday is the 1st of May. I’ve been writing this blog for some time and while I love it, I feel the LORD saying I must minimize blogging and focus on a fiction piece I’m working on called, Jasper’s Trail, about a young girl who’s family disappears and she must find them.

It’s a tail of the supernatural, purposed to draw girls to question who is in charge of our universe and what is His character.

As I write, I’m not sure this will be the last post I ever write at Life from the Lighthouse but it will be the last post of its kind. I love AGLOW International, who call their small groups Lighthouses. Perhaps there will be a useful way I can morph this site into something that will fit for AGLOW.

Today I draw from John’s 1st letter:

“I write to you, fathers, Because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I write to you, young men, Because you have overcome the wicked one. I write to you, little children, Because you have known the Father.” (1John 2:13)

Each of us has been created and saved for a purpose. It is my leaning that I’m called, in part, to encourage maturity in each of us, to grow into the people we’ve been created to be, in order to do – in and through our lives – what God has created us to do. Whether we are still on the milk in the Word, or are on a steady diet of spiritual meat (see Hebrews 5:12), we need God’s Word, the Holy Spirit and fellowship with one another in order to continue to grow in the grace He provides. If you are finding growth stalled because of your anxieties, fears or insecurities, my book Free to Be is available. Even better, you need to apply the knowledge that the old man is dead, indeed, and allow the New Man to rise up in Christ, simply by refusing to dwell on anything that is not a thought or emotion of God. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, we can walk in the fullness of God’s grace today and every day, just as Jesus has encouraged us to do and has modeled for us.

It is my desire that I live out the fullness of God’s purpose for my life. There are times when I feel I’m pretty close to the mark. There are days though, when I think I’ve completely missed God’s plan. How wonderful to have fellow brothers and sisters who encourage me.

There are 3 things in my lifestyle that help me to live as I believe Jesus would have me live:

  1. I read the Word daily and I pray deeply
  2. I encourage other believers
  3. I praise God for all things that come my way.

RevelationsIt is these things that help me to grow, to learn, and to enable others to do the same. We are all part of the same body. Let’s discover, live out and encourage others to fulfil their purpose. I believe Jesus is coming soon. I believe there are positions in Heaven or in the New Earth for those who have overcome the world. Revelation 2 and 3 tells us what is in store for those who have overcome. Let us begin today by overcoming the flesh, the world and the devil, by recognizing that Jesus took all of the ‘junk’ we think or feel from us when he died on the cross, and believing the Holy Spirit equips us for overcoming and for living as God has purposed us to do.

Let us go in peace to love and serve the LORD. Hallelujah and Amen!


From My Will to Holy Spirit Will

My strength or Holy Spirit Strength

“…I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 20:17)

We have surrendered our life and our will to God. We want to utter His prayers and do His works, based on His will and not our own. Jesus said we can move mountains if we have faith. Bathed in prayer, we can walk in the Spirit and not in the Flesh.

But how can we be certain we are praying the prayers of the Holy Spirit? How do we pray God’s prayers and not our own? Is there a ‘ceiling’ above which our prayers do not rise, unless they are prayers inspired by the will of the Father?

I’d like to suggest a strategy that works for me, to help me be ‘less of me and more of God’ in my day-to-day walk.

1) ‘He who waits upon the LORD shall renew his strength’ (Isaiah 40:11)

As I wait in a quiet place I find God joins me. As I make room for Him, he shows up to inspire and to lead me ‘beside still waters’.

2) ‘All scripture is God-breathed’ (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

As I sit, reading and re-reading a passage of scripture, those words become alive, guiding me and inspiring me. Through the Word of God I hear the Will of God on a daily basis.

3) ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’ (Philippians 4:13)

Expecting God to speak or to move through my prayers and my actions creates in me humility and hope. I can’t make Him do as I please but I can expect Him to respond to the prayers and intercession He has anointed me and inspired me to pray.

4) ‘Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness’ (1 Chronicles 16:29)

When I pray in tongues, when I sing or dance as led by God’s encouragement and freedom, I begin to lose myself in worship and adoration. When that happens I am beginning to enter into a private place with the LORD where He draws me close, speaks to me and leads me in His way everlastingly.

5) ‘Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.’ (Matthew 7:7-8)

Breakthrough comes when we wait, spend time with God’s Word, expect Him to come, and worship Him. This is not a formula but a promise.

If we want to ‘live and move and have our being’ in Him, we need to commit our way to Him and He will give us the desires of our heart. Meditating with Him will draw our desires toward Him and His will can be done on earth in and through us, His surrendered servants.

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How to live a fulfilled life with the Holy Spirit

Today I recommend another person’s writing. Bill Johnson has written Dreaming with God, a beautiful book that reminds us how deeply valued we are by Father God, and how greatly empowered we are by Holy Spirit. Dreaming with God

God’s word is living and it lives through the Holy Spirit engaging with our reading and meditation of the words in the Bible. “We thrive with the spirit of revelation, but we perish without it” and “God hides things for you not from you” are key thoughts that the pastor expands. He challenges our thinking with, “It’s difficult to get the same fruit as the early church when we value a book that they didn’t have more than the Holy Spirit they did have.”

Totally Jesus-centered and committed to encouraging the evangelical mindset, Bill Johnson offers a way forward to draw Believers into deeper intimacy and transformation, greater understanding and fulfillment in Dreaming with God.


For a wide range of my longer posts, discussing Wholeness, Witness, Word and Worship and Warfare go to and re-discover LarusBlog.

God bless.

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD

Is it time?

‘Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon us…’ on anyone who believes and follows Jesus. That means we have the one whom Jesus called ‘The Comforter’ wherever we go.

That means we carry comfort with us, in us – assurance for ourselves and for others that we are loved, we are valued, we have purpose.

Do you know the Spirit of God? As he reigns in you, as you surrender to LORD God, you are made whole. This is part of God’s saving grace.

Are you living in the fullness of His love, grace and sovereignty? Do you know – are you living free – as Christ has set you free? Free from sin, yes, but also from emotional death, spiritual abandonment.

Soaring Seagulls

To soar, we can trust our desires to HIM.

If you are not living in that freedom… there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, and who are called according to His purpose. But perhaps now is the time to SOAR: to See Over All Repression, to walk in the light and confidence that you have in Christ. It is surely your time to embrace who you are, how God made you and what you are to become – to be all He created you to be, so you can do all He created you to do.

I pray we all live in the absolute fullness of His salvation. Now and always! His love has set us free, and whom the Son has set free, “he is free indeed.”

God bless.

SELF PUBLISHING Blessings and Challenges

Self Publishing is no easy feat. I’ve got friends and books and blogs and so much information (see my twitter account for links) there’s no shortage of material that teaches the process of self publishing, marketing and growing a business through writing. But the REALLY hard part is managing the ‘to-do’ list efficiently, choosing which things need to be done and which need to be dropped.

So, when I was approached by Lynn Kennedy of and was invited to appear on their flagship programme on Tuesday 25th June at 8pm Pacific/11pm EST I was delilghted, thankful for the blessing, and excited.

Next Tuesday I’ll be speaking about self-esteem – how I grew: what I had to overcome, and how we all can be confident in the life-changing love we have received through Jesus Christ. I journeyed from shame to joy, through the knowledge of the freedom Jesus died to give us. That freedom is from sin and much more. We are free from condemnation, shame, fear of man….

So I hope you’ll join in on Alive In Christ radio or tune in afterward if the live broadcast time is inconvenient.

God bless and continue to know that it is the Joy of the LORD that is your strength.

Accepting Our Calling

“Many are called, few are chosen”

There are a few things of which I am certain:

1 Jesus is Christ who died and was resurrected.

2 I am saved by the grace of God.

3 The Holy Spirit resides in me to lead me on to serve the LORD God.

Then there are the personal things:

4 I am a child of God called to give birth and to parent one child.

5 I am a Watchman

6 I have been called to write.

Today I come to the blog to comment on the LORD’s call to me to write.

In 2000 I returned from an experience in Hong Kong, where I now have friends and a place in my heart. The events and blessings I received there will be shared some other time. But during that 3 month residence, the LORD spoke into my spirit and said to me clearly to write. I have been doing so ever since.

This blog is aimed at women like me, who love the LORD and are in their middle years. As with all blogs it is available to all. But I would love others to join me who fit into that ‘mould’ and who would like to share their reflections and discoveries during their walk with the LORD.

Today I invite us all to pray, to seek His face, to discern our calling from Him. There will be seasons of harvest and barren seasons, but when we are diligent to follow His call, our lives will be a blessing and will be blessed with His peace and joy.

I have a book now published, several others started and some will come into the public forum. I’ve blogs, contributions to others’ blogs, all sorts of social network offerings. The LORD did not say to earn a living from writing. He did not say minister to others. He said, “write”; and so I write.

What has the LORD said to you? Have you heard? Have you obeyed? “Trust in your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”

Every blessing to you, creations of the KING.

FREE TO BE : Why This Book is Needed?

This book is for building relationship with the Holy Spirit.

This book is for building self-esteem in the reader.

Those who are intimate with the Holy Spirit know the value of the relationship and the intimacy. Those who want to draw closer will find value in this book.

Those who struggle with low self-esteem will discover blessing in this book. Those with friends who wrestle with low self-esteem will bless their friends through this book.

So, if you want to draw closer to the Holy Spirit to find inner healing, this book is for you.

And, if you don’t recognize how your self esteem was impacted when you found Jesus (or you haven’t tapped the benefit of self esteem in finding Jesus) then this book is for you.

Low self esteem hinders effectiveness in ministry, and high self esteem enables deeper surrender into Christ.

This book is for those who want to go deeper with God, to be built up in themselves, to work in partnership and privacy… As I overcame, so can you.

Blessings from Sarah Tun

Free To Be

Cover of FREE TO BE