What this Blog is All About

THE PURPOSE for this blog is to share the blessings and challenges I’ve experienced so that others will be encouraged in their faith. In the times that seem blessed and easy, we need to be prepared for challenges to come. And particularly when there are hard times, we need to know we’re not alone. This then, is a banner that says:

You are not alone!

Life from the Lighthouse refers to those of us who follow Jesus and have the light of life inside of us. That gives us a unique perspective, a perspective which is laced with the wisdom of the Savior and lessons from our own experiences, both enriching and difficult. It is my belief that there is no experience that is bad but each is a part of our lives that takes us deeper into Christ. We have a Sovereign God and in His sovereignty there is nothing that is beyond His eye or His grasp or His love.

My reason for writing this blog is to engage with people who, in seeking God and His righteousness, experience their road to victory as a mixture of blessings and challenges.

I will share my reflections based on personal experiences and insights gathered from my observations of the world around me. I do this sharing, so that others will see the signposts when in difficulty and will have the insight to carry on through the troubled waters to safety.


blogger at lake


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