Hope, Bright Future – as God intends

FREE TO BE who we were created to be….

Jesus set us free from ALL sin and death. We who are born again are alive in Christ, that we might live and move and breathe freely, to be the people we were created to be, in order to do the things we were created to do.

However, if we are to be trusted with complete freedom, how can we be sure to be ‘good Christians?’ The truth is, that is not our real concern. It is our job to be loving – not ‘good’ – but rather to be loving toward God, our neighbor and ourselves. It is God’s job to prune us, so that we walk in grace toward others, just as He’s given grace to us. But we are saved, and as such we are saved not only from spiritual death, but also from shame, guilt, oppression and low self-esteem. We are not meant to walk with a cloud over our heads but to walk with the sun and the Son in our eye line. We all are on a learning curve, celebrating Jesus and learning how to be more like him. But there is not a right style to follow. We have personality, and the way we reveal Christ will be different for each of us – because each of us is different.

Whatever you strive for, whatever you have thought of yourself, God makes no junk. So, we can rest assured, we are free to be who and what we are right now and He’ll transform us as we dig deep into Bible Scripture, pray in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and trust Father God and His son Jesus with our lives and our learning.

We aren’t called by God to follow rules. In fact through Christ we’ve even overcome the law.

My  greatest concern and passion is to ensure that we allow ourselves and one another to be authentic, to accept who and what we are. I say this – you are uniquely made, carved and crafted as an expression of God’s love and creativity. You can sin and harm yourself and call it freedom. But true freedom is allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you (Zech 4:6) toward the unique and full calling of God on your life. ‘If the son has set you free, you are free indeed.’ (John 8) You needn’t try to get it right but rather be. Be who you were born to be and allow Him to reveal how beautiful (and how fragile and vibrant) you truly are.

There are steps to learning who you are, where you’ve grown from and how to live in the freedom God intends. Beginning as I did, you will find that when you experience revelation about God’s sovereignty, your perspective on your past may change significantly, and you will begin to break free from expectation and walk into the acceptance and wholeness of salvation. When we are all walking in the freedom God intends for all people, we will begin to be a mightier force for the world. It begins with you, with me and with a journey alongside the Holy Spirit, who lives and breathes and has our being.

God bless.


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