That we could walk in gratitude:

When I became a Believer and Follower of Jesus at age 24, I did so for myself. I was grateful to discover God loved me personally, and that Jesus was a friend, not just a saviour. But that was the extent of my walk for 7 years.

Then I began the process of discovering ALL that Jesus did in saving me.

My life has shifted from a life of Gratitude for Salvation to Surrender and Fulfillment.

Going beyond ourselves:

Jesus didn’t die only to save us from our sin, but also to enable us to become free to be all God created us to be. That includes freedom from all the pain, shame, neglect, regret of the past. We have no reason to mourn because we have been delivered from the loss.

So I write now to encourage others’ faith, to believe we are healed, delivered, restored. Some of us may have to walk a bit of a journey to get to the fullness of that, but ‘a long journey begins with a single step’. We all have spiritual walking boots to take us to the end of ourselves, into the fulness of who God created us to be, and so may we all fit ourselves with those boots and continue the journey.

Love and blessings.


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