Inner Healing:

Each of us is broken. There is only one who has the power to restore us to our full potential, free from shame, emotional pain and sadness. Jesus died and rose again, to conquer sin AND a whole lot more….

Salvation from Brokenness:

We are made in God’s image. Like Adam, we are sons of God and as such, we have available the tools, power, grace of unconditional love and peace to be fully restored.

I don’t know why some of us suffer from depression but many Believers do. There is perhaps some disillusionment in the imperfect way we convey the Gospel walk to one another, and so we don’t fully receive all authority and power for healing because of our collective, imperfect understanding. Or there are chemical imbalances that, while the Holy Spirit can heal, our lack of understanding or lack of perfect faith or lack of community hinders our complete restoration (sometimes too, sound medical care and medication is the path God chooses to help us; while I do personally believe that all illness can be healed by God’s supernatural power, we as a body of believers don’t always have the tools to bring each person to healing…there are so many unknowns and we all do our best to learn and to grow). I categorically believe the onus is NOT on the sufferer to ‘pull himself up by his bootstraps’ but rather as a community we are meant to work and love and pray together for the restoration of one another.*

The point is, there is no shame in suffering. Paul said it was his suffering that gave him the authority to preach, rather than his education or citizenship. Jesus suffered and died and there was certainly no shame in that. And so we must not feel shame for our incomplete healing, but at the same time, we can know that complete healing is possible, is available, through Jesus. ‘The joy of the LORD is our strength’; and so we must strive, battle spiritually and continue in the hope that we will be fully restored to the creation God made us to be – emotionally, physically, spiritually.

As for me, it is my personal hope and aspiration to be a part of the Christian community’s full recognition and realization that inner healing is not only possible but readily available.

How is it accessible? It begins with trust in God and a surrendering of control to Him. Without that, He cannot work in us. But as we release fear and control, He can begin to do a mighty work in us. Sometimes He brings ministers in human form. Sometimes He works through a quiet time alone with Him, in prayer or through studying His WORD. But He does minister. And gradually – or even suddenly – He can transform us into the persons He created us to be.

Why do we suffer? Why must we endure? Pain is something that, when endured and overcome, makes us stronger in character and faith. I haven’t all the answers, I just simply know how He transformed me – beginning when I decided to allow Him into the hollow, lonely, private places within me. When I let His light in, the darkness did flee. Pain draws us closer to Creator God, when we allow it to.

I’ve not suffered depression, but I have suffered oppression, shame, fear. And I’ve been delivered. As He can transform me, He can transform all.

God bless.


* revised paragraph to enhance clarity


3 thoughts on “BROKENNESS

  1. Hi Sarah, re the issue of depression: I do think it’s important to mention that depression can involve chemical imbalances which can be helped by medication. To suggest that a lack of healing from depression primarily involves some lack of community, understanding, or faith could lead to a lot of guilt on the sufferer’s part — well the Holy Spirit would heal you if you had more faith. We would never say that to a cancer patient who needs chemotherapy. There just seems to be this tendency to tie mental illness to spiritual health in a way we would never do with physical illness. So I just wanted to bring that up because it would be very unfortunate to see a person struggling with prayer and faith issues and feeling even more depressed b/c his or her faith seems so small — when in fact the right medication could lift the cloud AND give the person strength to deal with any spiritual issues that might exist.

  2. I fully and totally agree. I thought I did refer to chemical imbalances in paragraph 3 but if I didn’t make it clear that such an imbalance, while it can be healed by God supernaturally, can often require medication then I’m so glad that you’ve raised it. Thank you! I think I’ll edit to include that because it’s very important that folks feel it isn’t their job to heal through their own efforts. All things – including good doctors – come from God. Thank again, Jeannie.

    • Thanks Sarah, I did see that you altered the original a bit here. When you originally wrote “Or there are chemical imbalances that, while the Holy Spirit can heal, our lack of understanding or lack of perfect faith or lack of community hinders our complete restoration,” I interpreted that as, “The Holy Spirit will normally heal your chemical imbalance unless there is a lack of understanding/faith/community; then He may not.” So I think the expansion of your point is really helpful. You’re right, fixing ourselves is not the answer. As if we could even DO that!

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