SELF PUBLISHING Blessings and Challenges

Self Publishing is no easy feat. I’ve got friends and books and blogs and so much information (see my twitter account for links) there’s no shortage of material that teaches the process of self publishing, marketing and growing a business through writing. But the REALLY hard part is managing the ‘to-do’ list efficiently, choosing which things need to be done and which need to be dropped.

So, when I was approached by Lynn Kennedy of and was invited to appear on their flagship programme on Tuesday 25th June at 8pm Pacific/11pm EST I was delilghted, thankful for the blessing, and excited.

Next Tuesday I’ll be speaking about self-esteem – how I grew: what I had to overcome, and how we all can be confident in the life-changing love we have received through Jesus Christ. I journeyed from shame to joy, through the knowledge of the freedom Jesus died to give us. That freedom is from sin and much more. We are free from condemnation, shame, fear of man….

So I hope you’ll join in on Alive In Christ radio or tune in afterward if the live broadcast time is inconvenient.

God bless and continue to know that it is the Joy of the LORD that is your strength.


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