Wealth, Riches & Money: God’s Biblical Principles on Finance

Discernment of and freedom from the fear of poverty and the lure of money


This is not a book about the prosperity gospel nor to the other extreme is it in the vein of taking a vow of poverty to avoid the temptation that the love of or desire for money can create.


Offering an entirely new (to me anyway) way of thinking toward money (part of the world system, run by Satan) and provision (Kingdom finance ie what God gives to enable us to have our needs, obligations and wants met). Authors Hill and Pitt are able to convey without condemnation, the difference between the love of money and the practical need for wealth to extend the Kingdom. And they guide the reader to prayer and transformation – God willing – to shed fear of lack. They split the hair between the love of money and the need for provision, making it crystal clear that the pursuit of money is very different from having wealth.

Oh, if it is time for Believers to step out of the worldly financial system and into the realm of faith and provision, this might be it! We search our hearts, cleanse our motives and become vessels for God’s riches to expand the kingdom. A very good and useful book.

Available on Amazon etc etc: http://www.amazon.ca/Wealth-Riches-Money-ebook/dp/B0058LZKLA/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1369204270&sr=1-4&keywords=wealth%2C+money+and+riches


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