ON DIVORCE – more concrete info

Over in A Life Examined, another blog of mine, a comment from Persis came in on the subject of divorce. She commented to me, “Something isn’t right when our desire to maintain a principle is willing to sacrifice the well-being of people.”

This is the heart of what I’m exploring on the issue of divorce between Christians.

I recently had a conversation with my hubby about this issue of divorce between Believers too. Apart from being married to me, he is a lawyer (fussy about words!) with a God-given gift for Biblical teaching. He told me that the word ‘adultery’ used in the English translation of the Bible comes from a Greek word with the root ‘porno’ – we get the word pornography from this root. The word actually means much more than sexual ‘adultery’ as we understand it, or pornography. It refers to the fact that husbands are meant to love, care for and protect of their wives and if they do not they are practicing this ‘porno…’ which means they are adulterers in their marriage.

Learning this has been helpful to my ‘sense’ that Jesus would not condone abuse and insist a marriage is kept in tact in such circumstances. While this may not end the accusations hurled at some in the church seeking divorce from abusers, from others in the church who are seeking to exhort, it helps me to minister.
I’d love to receive further comments and share dialogue about this substantial issue in the Church today.


2 thoughts on “ON DIVORCE – more concrete info

  1. Hi Sarah:

    The book I mentioned in my comment on your other blog is “A Cry for Justice” by Jeff Crippen and Anna Wood. He is a pastor. She is a survivor of domestic abuse. The book addresses common misconceptions in the church re: this issue. It might be helpful as you research this issue.

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