WHAT IF… on divorce between Believers

I’m looking at a ‘What if…’ question that may rock the boat a bit. But if we don’t look at a full perspective on an issue, how are we going to find the absolute truth?

I am a Bible-believing Christian. I find that as I navigate through this life questions arise which prompt me to look into my Bible long and deep, to seek the answers that emulate Christ’s purpose and character.

Today my question is: under what circumstances does Jesus allow divorce?

I encourage research but I’m not going to quote scripture here. I think most Bible-believing Christians will know that scripture clearly states that divorce on the grounds of adultery is permissible  No other grounds are sited as acceptable to God.

To find an answer I will not look at the question first, or even the general issue, but at Jesus himself as the author and finisher of our faith…

I have seen the decay of marriages both in the secular and in the Christian home, and it is very sad to see how love can disintegrate. I haven’t always had an easy time in my marriage but we’ve always sought to overcome our differences and have managed to do so. I’ve seen other relationships where people haven’t managed to achieve that.

Jesus says divorce is awful. But would he support an abusive husband or a wife who wants escape? Until recently, I’ve always thought that Jesus would want the marriage to stand unconditionally and that time, prayer, counselling would draw a couple to resolve their differences; however, I’m not so sure anymore. I’ve observed abusive relationships and I’m wondering: what would be God’s heart for the abuser? for the victim/survivor of abuse? I certainly don’t condone divorce but I’m not so sure Jesus intended us to follow the letter of the law in this any more than in any other situation. He came to set us free; he fulfills the law. When we love one another as he loves us, we also fulfill the law.

In an abusive situation I’m not so sure anymore that Jesus would say the couple should stay together. I’m wondering now, perhaps Jesus’ words on divorce only related to men leaving women as that was the only direction feasible in Jesus’ day.

What are your thoughts?

Every walking faithfully, in the light of God’s Word and His revelation to me today….



2 thoughts on “WHAT IF… on divorce between Believers

  1. Let me start out by identifying myself as man of faith. I’ve experience moments where that was all I had to get me through. I believe in God and the grace that comes from living this way. I also believe that man has misinterpreted some of this path with social values and perceptions. To have love in your heart for your fellow people is the most important understanding. Freeing ones self from the grips of hate and despair opens one up to peace and understanding. Unfortunately, that concept is not fully adopted by a majority. The Christian faith is evidence of that in its evolution into the many factions that exist today, all drawn from a single beginning.

    • Thank you so much for your contribution. I believe you have brought to the fore something vitally important. When cruelty or despair exists, we are to love not to challenge the need for escape. Jesus loved the law but loved people more than an interpretation of that law. There is a pharisee attitude so often displayed today that in the name of following God, that slanders others. Many well-meaning people aim to display God’s standard but instead display harshness. I don’t see that as part of God’s will or plan for The Church at all. Thanks so much for commenting.

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