Who is GOD, What is GOD

YWYH: What Are YOU?

“But He knows the way that I take;

When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10

This week I have been wrestling with my concept of our LORD. Who is YWYH? The LORD: what is He?

We who have been saved by His grace know his goodness, his love and gentleness. But this week I’ve had on my mind – my heart – what is the awesome power that He holds and what is His fury? This question came to me at the first of the week, and I held it in my mind.

Then in our small group last night, as we were discussing Genesis 15 – Abram and his relationship by faith and his clumsiness with Sarai and Hagar and all that led up to the conception and birth of Ishmael. We came across this verse:

“Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him.” Gen 15:12

Now don’t we usually think of the darkness as coming from the devil, hell, demons? How is it that God and darkness come together to Abram?

And then I recalled my sense of darkness earlier in the week – not a darkness that causes me to run away, but rather, it is a darkness I observe, contemplate and wonder. My heart rises to my throat and I quake. Is this the darkness of the LORD?

The truth is that the ‘Evangelical’ generally expresses “God is love.” Yes, He is love but He is also wrath – righteous wrath; and power – awesome power.

I want to keep God outside the box. Even though I’ve read the Bible several times and followed the LORD for nearly thirty years, I certainly don’t know everything about Him. So I don’t know how darkness and light can come together in Him, just as I don’t know how love and mercy, truth and grace trump evil and vicious cruelty every time.

I don’t know how He is in the darkness. My theology hasn’t made room for that up until now. But now I believe He is revealing something more of His nature to me and I trust that.

And I know the way that I take, and with every step, He knows where I’m going. And when I arrive, He promises I’ll shine. Even now the tarnish is being rubbed off, one layer at a time. Sometimes there are glimpses of sheen. I’m coming LORD – there by Your grace I come – and when I arrive, I shall shine!


God’s Revelation to us: Unending


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