I recently saw a particular post from Paul, proprietor of a Christian bookstore in Ontario. He’s stocked my book FREE TO BE and I’ve had several chats with him… A great guy doing an honest job and wanting to encourage Believers to buy books from Christian sources, fair enough.

When he posted this:

I thought the uphill battle for Christian bookstores really needs to have some assistance from us little guys!

What do you think?

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Disowned but redeemed I am a believer in miracles, the Creator God of the Universe and in Love, Hope and Truth. I don't have the answers but God does; I have a lot of questions. Jesus is the ultimate role model and if I can do one thing well it's to be well-adjusted to reflect his perfect peace and grace. I'm a wife, a mom, an author, into worship, prayer and learning how to be a better person. See life altering spiritual growth book FREE TO BE, on Amazon ( ) and Smashwords ( )

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