Labels – Who are We “In Christ”?

Chatting to my hubby the other day, I said I avoid labeling myself any more as ‘Christian’ simply because the label causes so
much misunderstanding among unbelievers and can actually be a barrier to communication and relationship.

My hubby replied,
“I’m a Bible Believing, Spirit Filled, Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ.”
“Me too,” I replied.

Even the umbrella of ‘Evangelical’ has it’s limitations as a ‘label’ now because for some that means what my husband described, but for others it means religiosity, legalism (with heavy yokes of expectation) or an inherent criticism of unbelievers AND believers (self righteousness).

‘Charismatic’ can scare off believers from a more traditional background, or the evangelical who believes adamantly that the gifts of the Spirit died with the 12 Apostles.

We belong to a lovely church which is part of a denomination. But partly because we don’t fit perfectly into that denomination’s tradition, and partly because I don’t want to re-enforce the denominational codification of Believers, I won’t even specify which denomination the church is which I regularly attend. I mention only that we are part of a church so that readers can know I support and follow the point of view that it is important to worship with fellow believers.

So my point is this: just as labels mean nothing in our status with God, it seems we are now living in a time when labels mean nothing within the body, because there is so much history, expectation, misunderstanding and assumption tied in with the labels.

So, who we are in Christ is what matters to God, and if we believe in Jesus as the only begotten Son of God then we’re on the same page as the next person who believes the same.

‘I came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly’ John 10:10 (paraphrase)


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