Who ARE We in Christ?

As children of God we have been given several tags: sheep, son, child, bride – these are most obvious identity labels given to us.

But I’m asking what the Father means to us? What is my personal identity because I have been born again?

I feel quite like a bird in flight, when I think of the freedom I have. I have not only been saved from my sin but also I have been delivered from all pain of the past. For me that means I SOAR! I ‘See Over All Repression’.

As I child I was oppressed by family who, though perhaps well-meaning, conveyed a message that I was not acceptable. As an adult I suffered oppression from church and put a lot of shame onto myself as well. Now however, when I realize that I am not under law but under grace, when I recognize that I was created in a particular way and for a particular purpose, when I operate out of love rather than fear, I SOAR…. and I fly, free to be who I was created to be.

What is your self image? Who are you in Christ? Do you KNOW you’ve been saved by His grace and nothing that has come before need be a trap any longer? Do you KNOW you have been set free, not only from sin and death, but from all the repression that has been put upon you to this point? Do you KNOW that you are free and that ‘Whom the Son has freed is free indeed’? This is the TRUTH and the truth has set you FREE.



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