Getting Onto the Same Page – Part 2

One of the most romantic places for a date, I think, is on a Ferris wheel. It’s exciting in an old fashioned sort of way and when you are poised at the top, you are in front of the whole world and yet have absolute privacy! That’s what it seems like to me anyway.

Valentines has just come and gone. What did you and Hubby do together? Did your children expect you to spend Valentine’s with them, or together – without them? Or, as is more likely, perhaps they didn’t think about the two of you at all…

As parents we need to remember, I think, that how we interact with each other models marriage to our children. If you want your child to be a loving spouse, then it stands to reason he/she  needs to see parents who are loving toward one another. Showing affection, respect, admiration towards our partners, for example, will demonstrate to our children how they can be caring spouses when their turn comes.

Well, as we go round and round and our marriages lead us through one adventure to another, let us not be shy to show our affection and appreciation for one another, even – and perhaps especially – around our children.

Last night – it was February 14th – our son saw a picture of a sports car on our kitchen table and asked why it was there.

“Because Daddy wants to buy me a sports car,” I said.

Son immediately got up from the table and ran to his dad. “Oh that’s so nice, Daddy.” Then, not missing a beat he said, “You should have bought it today for Valentines Day.”

(Speaking from a woman’s perspective, he’s got the idea already and he’s 8. At this rate, he’s going to make a fine – affectionate – husband some day! :-))

My husband and I were listening to a bit of “Focus on the Family” this morning as we were driving in the car (no sports car yet but the intent is there!). The speaker – no one I’d heard from before – spoke about marriage and how his children always referred to him and his wife as ‘The Two Lovebirds’. Nice! I’m not sure my son would say that of his parents, but I’d like to think he knows, not only that we love him, but that we are committed to and love each other very much.

Lots of Love Doves

Sarah Tun “Love on A Rail”

It’s okay to show affection toward each other. And it’s okay to buy presents (or not). How we interact will be guide posts for our kids. What sort of spouse do we want them to be? The best way to help them to be that, is to model it for them.

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3 thoughts on “PARENTING SERIES: Dating Each Other

  1. Sarah, we differ in that I think a ferris wheel is the absolute least likely place for romance! But I do like your point. And different styles are OK — no one would call me & Rich lovebirds either, but one day when Allison & I were chatting about how we seem to get maddest at the people we love most, like family, she said, “You don’t seem to get mad at Dad very much.” I hope that means at least that we’re kind to one another and don’t let conflict upset or destabilize our kids.

    By the way, because I know you have a quirky sense of humour too … your post’s title made me think of that expression “I’m dating myself.” When someone says that I always want to reply, “Nobody else is good enough, eh?”

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