What Snow and Jesus have in Common

Snow is the blanket the earth needs when it’s cold.

Snow gets a lot of bad press. But I believe snow is beautiful. That’s merely my opinion.civilization snipped

What also gets a lot of bad press is Jesus. He got it when he walked on the earth and he still gets it. Oh, people who don’t follow him often show him respect as a person with wisdom or kindness. But those people are also calling him a liar. For you cannot enjoy or appreciate the Sermon on the Mount without accepting that he said he was God’s son.

There are those who say Jesus was misquoted or that he did not exist at all. We should take no offense because there has been a movement afoot – or several – claiming Shakespeare wasn’t a (single) person either.

How do you feel when the reality of Jesus is questioned?
Have you experience to share?


2 thoughts on “What Snow and Jesus have in Common

  1. (Hi Sarah – as you can see I can now comment on your blog.)

    I really don’t worry too much when people question Jesus’ reality, perhaps because, as you say, people have always done so. It bothers me MUCH more when people who identify as Christians question the divinity etc. of Jesus, than when people who are not Christians do so.

    It is strange, though, isn’t it, when someone says “Jesus was just a good teacher”; if they actually read about all the words & deeds of Jesus, it seems clear that
    (1) He did not intend us to see him as “just a good teacher”
    (2) if He said He was God, and you think that’s not true, then how could he be a good teacher if he lied about something that important?

    But I firmly believe it’s not my job to convince anyone. Just to live for Him the best I can.

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