Culture Shock


I have had the privilege of traveling quite a bit and have met people of many cultures.
I am in a ‘mixed marriage’ and my child is ‘mixed race’.
One thing I have learned is that God’s grace and love are everywhere.
Sometimes we receive His blessing. Sometimes we turn it down.
But His is always here.

Countries I have visited:
Australia, New Zealand,
Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Mainland China, Viet Nam, Burma,
Mauritius, Dubai, Israel,
Numerous in Europe, UK (citizen), America, Mexico, Canada (homeland).

My hubby is from Burma – or “Myanmar” – but was raised in England.
We have visited there twice.
The people are innocent, beautiful and generous.

I could not speak the language but that didn’t stop me making a special bond with several women.
Women bond regardless of language, age, culture or position.
One woman I bonded with was a child, another her servant, another a widow older than myself.
In each of these relationships real love for one another was present.
Love is a gift. May we share it, value it, treasure it from every source it comes from.

Love knows no language barrier, no borders.
That’s what travel has taught me.


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