The Prophetic Song of the Lord

Beautiful. I remember studying ‘Psalmody’ years ago… Do you think songs to the Lord occur in nature too? I think of the seagull’s cry as reflective of worship.


Here is a wonderful teaching from James Goll on the “Song of the Lord.”
The Prophetic Song of the Lord

What Is the Song of the Lord?

In a general sense, all worship sung to music is the song of the Lord. Different terms are often used to describe the same or similar expressions of this creative musical art form: “a new song,” a “prophetic song,” as well as a song of (or to) the Lord. Many times, such songs spring up spontaneously at first, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and they remain songs of the Lord even after being written down and sung over and over. If you add the word “prophetic” to the phrase, it indicates that the song of the Lord has taken on a prophetic voice, speaking of the future and what God wants to do in the midst of the people or…

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