The Prophetic Song of the Lord

Beautiful. I remember studying ‘Psalmody’ years ago… Do you think songs to the Lord occur in nature too? I think of the seagull’s cry as reflective of worship.

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Author/WritingCoach/Speaker/Singer. Many hats for one glory. It is through Yehovah, Father and Creator of the Universe, and His son, Messiah and Saviour, Yeshua - Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, that I live, breathe and have my being. I recently received: Honorary Doctorate and Ordination as Pastor. See for books, blogs and further information.

2 thoughts on “The Prophetic Song of the Lord

  1. All of nature is God’s creation and waits like us for the great redemption that is coming, so why should the birds of the air and the animals not praise Him?

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